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Do you want to emphasize your company’s professionalism by using adverts on vehicles? At the same time, you can protect your vehicle’s body from abrasions, scratches and adverse weather conditions. It is especially important when it comes to a fleet of rented company cars which have to be returned in a good condition, so you won’t have to pay for additional repairs. If you are a company owner, you perfectly realize how important it is to make your presence on the market felt. For that purpose you can use high quality graphics to be placed on entire cars or advertising stickers that will catch the attention of your potential clients. This will result in your company getting new clients and increasing its profits.

Adverts on cars are the most effective form of promotion – it is nothing more than effective form of mobile marketing. To emphasize the prestige of your business, we offer professional wrapping of your company cars. We render even the most unusual projects on passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, trucks and many other vehicles. You can decide on whether to use the stickers on selected elements, wrap the entire car or only some of its parts.

Seven-year warranty is provided for the graphics!

The film we use for advertisements on cars is of highest quality and already at the production stage it is prepared to guarantee high durability, solidity and spectacular effect. Moreover, the coatings effectively protect car paint from abrasions, scratches and rock chips.

Seven-year warranty is provided for the graphics. Our advertisements on cars are perfect means of mobile marketing, reaching your clients wherever your vehicles go!

Elements of plotter film.

Prices up from: 100 PLN (excluding tax) per m2

The adverts are made of elements cut out of a colored film (colors are selected from the template). This way you can place the name of your company, your logo, contact details or address on the car.

Polymer film wrapping

Prices up from: 160 PLN (excluding tax) per m2

The adverts are printed on film, which is afterwards applied to a car. With the use of this technique we can place any graphic in its full color on flat elements of the vehicle.

Cast film wrapping

Prices up from: 200 PLN (excluding tax) per m2

The best advertising effect can be given by cast film which is the most advanced material on the market. It is incredibly flexible and can be placed on elements of unconventional shapes.

OWV window film

Prices up from: 100 PLN (excluding tax) per m2

For windows we use perforated film. Its surface is covered with regularly distributed holes. Thanks to such solution passengers of the car can see everything on the outside without compromising the visibility of the advert.
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Advantages of adverts on vehicles

Company vehicle is a free medium of advertisement.
Covering your car with the film protects the paint.
Adverts on company cars strengthen the company’s image on the market.
It is a perfect way of promotion for the brand, its products and the whole company.